Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Charter is to provide information on the manner in which the data received by VERONIQUE LEROY, established at 47 rue de Charenton, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE, are used and processed. We will resume the procedures put in place to protect privacy, the way you can intervene at any time and what controls are put in place to ensure strict compliance with this charter.
The person in charge of information processing is VERONIQUE LEROY whom you can reach by e-mail at the following address: Contact us
This charter applies to the collection, management and use of your data by the entities belonging to VERONIQUE LEROY. We are therefore in adequacy with the R.G.P.D.
Respect for your privacy is a priority for VERONIQUE LEROY. We are aware of and attentive to your right to be informed about the manner in which data and personally identifiable information (“your Data”) processed by VERONIQUE LEROY may be processed. This Privacy Policy explains how we use your Data and the measures we take to maintain its confidentiality and security.
1. What “data” do we collect?
We collect, in absolute terms, your details such as your surname, first name, your postal address, your e-mail address, your mobile phone number, your BCE number, your bank details, your profile on social networks … We save also data obtained through third parties or through contracts, contact forms, payment data, orders, etc. All other data provided by you are also collected.
We may also collect data about you when you use our websites, social networks, when you reply to us by e-mail, via cookies, navigation data and other technologies. In addition to the data mentioned above, we collect business data such as the VAT number or business number, the contact details of the contact persons of the legal entity (name, function, telephone number, etc.) and as the data of the partners and / or partners of the company.
Generally, these data are solicited by any mode and you transmit them to us knowingly.
We also collect data through external channels, including address managers. We then contact these potential b2b customers. They are then able to check, correct or modify their data, or no longer allow it to be used.
2. Why are we collecting this data?
Mainly, your data are used either to send you information, news, a publication that might interest you, or to properly treat the contract that unites us, but also to better manage the missions entrusted.
On the other hand, we use your data to invite you to conferences, seminars, festivities, workshops, to inform you about our promotions, our news, about events that may interest you, for direct marketing or to create profiles. The creation of profiles allows us to give you much more targeted and useful information.
If you do not wish to receive our newsletters or information about our services, you can unsubscribe at any time without having to justify your decision. Just send us an e-mail or contact our DPO whose contact details are mentioned above. You will only receive direct marketing electronic communications if you have given your explicit permission. You can also unsubscribe direct marketing communications at any time at no charge.
We also use your data for statistical purposes and to improve our products and services. If we find that one of our websites or a specific page has a drop in visitors, we can check what is due. Afterwards, we can modify and improve this website so that our customers can more easily access the information they are looking for. 2
3. Management of data banks
All personal data is managed by VERONIQUE LEROY. This data may be transmitted only to its subcontractors, provided that it is useful for the accomplishment of their mission
Within VERONIQUE LEROY, only the managers who must have access to this data as part of their tasks can access it.
In order to collect the data of our customers, we made the choice to keep a register conforming to the model produced by the Commission of the Privacy.
4. Shelf life of your data
VERONIQUE LEROY only keeps your data