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Véronique Leroy has chosen to give the floor to the trademarks of her dressing room, a perfect incarnation of her stylistic vocabulary. She is inviting us in the light of summer 2015 to a reinterpretation of her flagship clothes, all of which are the sensitive markers of her DNA.
Through ever-detached volumes, the collection advocates measured ease and elegance leaning towards casual, if not new sportswear. The architecture is flexible and free, as if dangling in thin air. The details (recurrent metallic eyelets, zippers) cast a more eccentric light upon femininity.
The obsessively innovating fabrics cultivate contours, graphic effects and celebrates the intriguing. Macro-worked in yarn lined with nylon thread, the knitwear self-imposes as tenuous, both light and present. Sheathed in gummy coating, It playfully blends unusual stripes with transparency. In its macro-fishnet perforated cotton version, the result is one of graphic resonance. Terry cloth, revitalised when lined, always hits it right. Popelin strengthens its structure by laminating pockets, collar and sleeves. Milano Jersey, a cold fabric, trickles on the body, just like double weighted crêpe. Denim comes in flexible and lightweight: being laminated, it calls for construction.
Sky blue, saturated saffron, mineral orange, graphite black, matte chalk white, silex beige, sand pink: the ever subtle palette brings together vibrant tones and infinitely delicate hints of colours.
Cut to dictate both an attitude and a noticeable wear, the collection displays character and over-worked simplicity. The iconic cardigan jacket, noticeable by its tailored collar worn upright and its four pockets, cultivates volume-raised stripes and transparencies. The bolero-cardigan comes in a single-bodied ball shape, all made of tweed chain, just as the over-sized macro tee-shirt is. The poplin signature shirt reinforces its construction by lining the collar and the geometrical patch-pockets. The free, casual and definitely west-coast tank-dress swings its macro-netting on seventies-minded or cigarette-pants. The sleeveless coat, with its flared and sober silhouette, all-made in terry-cloth, fastened with metal eyelets, mutates into dress wear. Accents galore on denim, lightly treated, which highlights the summer tone: cardigan-coats, shortened jackets with swung volumes, straight-leg pants and patch-pockets.