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photography by Jan Welters

photography by Jan Welters


A native of Belgium, it’s Paris, the capital city of fashion that magnetized this headstrong over achiever.
A year at the “Ecole de Coupe” in 1984 got her into the saddle. Two years at the Berçot School shaped her and made her blossom. She merged straightaway with a school “that quivered like a workshop”. Through the guidance of Marie Rucki, the director, she developed “a vision, a sharp critical sense, and a quick wit ».
By Azzedine Alaia’s side, Véronique Leroy learned to “see” for three years. To understand the body, she assimilated the architecture of clothing there and ripened her sense of the cut. She also learned patience. With Martine Sitbon, she retained the ways and means of staging a collection and preparing a fashion show.
In 1991, as a result of her self-imposed obsessive harshness, Véronique Leroy created her own brand and engraved her code.
A consultant stylist at the maison Léonard for eight years (from 2004 to 2011) Véronique Leroy has been working for the nomadic/urban/luxury designer brand MUS until 2010 to 2014.


As a coiner, Véronique Leroy develops a singular construction for the garment: slight intervals, subtle fragilities in the equilibrium, a semblance of morphological unevenness. Her volumes, structured and refined, stuck out and breathing, lead to freedom of the body and dynamism. Her signature stems from this energising neo- classical conception that rejects “decorative” purposes, subterraneously nourished by a Couture touch.
Materials dictate the architecture of the garment and claim their character. Structured and weaved, the tweeds, bouclés, sponge, Shetland, whipcord and double crepe vibrate and puzzle with fake lifeless colours upon which the designer casts a spell from her vivid palette.
Ocher, oxidized gold, faux-black and blue-black become emblems.
An unavoidable favourite, knitwear is thoroughly crafted as warp and weft, calling for an infinite richness where threads, touches and constructions intermingle.
Headlight items such as bodysuits, four-pocket jackets, pencil skirts, smocks, jacket-like cardigans and poplin shirts all signal an identifiable dressing room.
In a powerful and sculptural outburst of punctuation, shoes, all high perched and designed in massive volumes -boots, cowboy boots, ankle-boots, espadrilles, gaiters–chisel an unwonted silhouette mixing grace, elegance and determination. The brand is carried by a high-end selection of multibrand shops all over the world, such as Le Bon Marché in Paris, Quartier 206 in Berlin, Louis in Antwerp, D-Mop in Hong Kong, Beams in Tokyo and Opening Ceremony in New York…
In 2005, the first flagship store opened in the centre of Paris, 10 rue d’Alger 75001, amidst a swirling district where fashion, luxury and creativity blend together.